Month: June 2021

Affordable Dentist Near You And Ways You Can Pay For Your Visit

affordable dentist near me

Avoiding finding an affordable dentist near me can be really tempting, especially if you know you have to have major work done on your teeth.  There’s also another big reason why you could be avoiding seeing a dentist: it’s not cheap. The dental care can already get pretty expensive just for an individual person but if you have a family and kids you can end up paying even more. While no one enjoys paying for the dentist, missing your dentist’s checkups can actually put your health at risk. Untreated teeth issues like cavities can end up being really painful and it can eventually cause more serious dental issues. Your regular dental visits can be just as important as your annual doctor visits, you can’t miss them and you can’t put them off for a long time.

Ways You Can Pay For Your Dental Visit.

Dental Insurance

The most common way that people will pay for their dental visits is by using insurance. A Lot of the time people will purchase their dental insurance together with their health insurance which sometimes can be a little cheaper. If you don’t have health insurance you can just purchase dental insurance by itself.  Dental insurance companies offer different types of plans at different prices. If you’re on a tight budget you can purchase dental insurance with only preventive care. Preventive care insurance will cover your dental checkups and cleanings every six months. 

Payment Plans

A lot of dental offices nowadays will offer patients some type of a payment plan, this works well for those who don’t have any dental insurance.  A payment plan allows you to get a procedure to your teeth done and then you can pay them back over time with either weekly or monthly payments.  The payment plans might be completely different at all the dental offices, so it’s best that you call around and ask each one of them about their payment plans and how they work. For example, you can ask how often you will have to pay or if there are any additional fees on the payment plan.

Care Credit

If payment plans aren’t something that you think you can do then you can ask if they offer something called CareCredit.  CareCredit is great for those who have excellent credit and can get approved for this health credit card. You can apply for care credit right at the dental office or online on your computer or phone. CareCredit allows you to use your credit card right at your dental office to pay for any procedures that you need to get done, and of course, you still have to make payments over time but not as often as you would on a payment plan.


Negotiate With Your Dental Office

The cost of your dental visit or dental work can be sometimes negotiated with your dental office. You need to be smart with how you handle your appointment and make sure your dentist tells you everything about the treatment plan. Make sure you ask a lot of questions and see if you actually need the procedure done right away or if you can wait. Ask your affordable dentist near you if you can get a discount if you pay all in cash or see if they have any new patient specials going on.  Sometimes some dental offices might also offer you an uninsured rate if you don’t carry any dental insurance. Dentists are here to help you and will do their best to find a way that you can pay.