Month: February 2022

5 Awesome Benefits of Prenatal Massage Park City

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If you’re pregnant and you’re looking to relieve swollen joints and sore muscles, then you need to consider receiving a massage. There are a good amount of reasons why it’s good to add massage park city into your life, whether it’s just a daily foot rub or a massage from a professional. Not only can a massage help relax your muscles and also feel completely amazing, it also comes with so many great health benefits

A prenatal massage for pregnant women is a full body massage that is performed by a professional masseuse and it’s very similar to the original Swedish massage. It does have a few modifications to it so that the mother and the baby are both comfortable as well as safe. Pregnant women should always speak to their doctor first before considering receiving any kind of a massage. 

Let’s look into some of the benefits that come from a prenatal massage

1.Reduces swelling

Some parts of your body like feet, hands and legs can start to swell up while being pregnant, this is caused by reduced blood circulation. A prenatal or any kind of a massage can help stimulate the soft tissue so that the extra fluid can move. This will help reduce swelling and leave you feeling much more comfortable.

2. Relieves back pain

A prenatal massage or any full body massage during pregnancy can improve lower back pain which include sciatic pain. Prenatal massage can help relieve some tensions that were brought to you naturally by pregnancy and also increase blood flow.

3. Improves sleep

Getting a good night’s rest can seem impossible while being pregnant and can become harder and harder to sleep through the entire night. A prenatal massage can help relax your nervous system and also release some good hormones. That will leave you way more relaxed and you’ll be able to sleep much better at night. Good night’s rest is something that is very important, especially for pregnant women.

4. Prepares you for labor and delivery

Massage therapy has made your delivery a lot easier, not only because your stress will be reduced but also because your muscles will already be toned and relaxed way before the delivery date. A study has been shown that pregnant women had shorter stay at the hospital and also shorter labor because they received regular massages during the 9 month of their pregnancy.

5. Relieves pain naturally 

Massage therapy offers a safe and natural way to relieve pain without having to take any medications. This is a huge benefit for pregnant women because the use of medication during pregnancy is very limited to ensure the baby’s safety. The increased blood flow and the relaxation after a massage can significantly relieve pain and reduce discomfort during pregnancy.

Many massage park city places offer prenatal as well as postnatal massages for women. So, I strongly encourage all women who are currently pregnant to schedule a massage session right away. With so many great benefits that come with  massage therapy, you can’t really say no to that.