About Us


Hello, I am Carol D Sanders, a journalist, copywriter and editor with over two decades of experience on different sectors. However, after several years of working and making the connections; I decided to follow my dream and teach people how they can better themselves with the basic amenities in their surroundings.

Growing up in a poor neighborhood was the most difficult things in my life especially when I knew that I could be different, but with the needed push; I have gained a lot, and I am back to change the poverty mentality in our neighborhoods and give our kids a fighting chance to success.

My Team


Meet our Author Lawrence C Mason, a 36 old young man that met Carol D Sanders at one of his seminars. He had such big dreams and hope but didn’t have the finances to pursue it. The program gave him the platform to succeed by pursuing his dream, and today he is Admin’s assistance in searching for young and brilliant minds that will change the society and their neighborhood.

Our mission

To reduce and eradicate poverty rate by empowering the unemployed graduates by giving them a platform to develop their talents and skills that will transform themselves, families and the society at large.