dentist in orem

The American Dental Association recommends that every individual must visit their dentist in orem for a cleaning and a check up twice a year, every year. But is it really that important to go every 6 months? The answer to that is absolutely, especially if you want healthy teeth and good oral health. Seeing your dentist twice a year not only covers a cleaning but it also covers a check for cavities and other dental issues. In fact, did you know that your overall health can be affected but your oral health? So if you keep your mouth healthy, you will overall stay healthy. Here are a few reasons why you should be going in for regular dental check ups. 

To keep an eye on your gum health

One of the most important things that your dentist does during a checkup is check your gum health. Early symptoms of gum health can be subtle and your dentist knows exactly what to look for. If gum issues are left untreated it can cause a lot of damage to your mouth and teeth and also can put you at risk for developing other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and more. Seeing your local dentist twice a year can prevent you from developing any gum issues. 

To keep tartar and plaque of your teeth

Tartar as well as plaque can easily build up on your teeth especially if you have poor oral hygiene, meaning you are not brushing and flossing twice a day. Visiting your dentist twice a year means that there is less of a chance that tartar and plaque will build up on your teeth because of professional teeth cleaning that is done during your check up. 

To detect early tooth decay

Cavities can be a serious issue, but if cavities are caught in the early stages then it’s a much smaller issue that can be treated quickly with a filling. But if a cavity gets left unnoticed for months or even years then it could turn into a root canal which is not only expensive to treat but it’s also painful to deal with. A small filling is less painful and less expensive, not to mention it’s also much more comfortable than a root canal. You never have to deal with a root canal as long as you go in for a check up and your dentist can detect a cavity in the early stages.

To keep your teeth squeaky clean

The cleaning you receive during your check up is probably the most important part of the whole check up. Your dentist in Orem can clean and reach better than you can at home by yourself, plus you get to leave your check up appointment feeling clean and fresh. Also  you will leave with a peace of mind knowing that your oral health is in good shape. We all live busy lives so it might be tempting to skip out on an appointment, but the fact of the matter is that all the benefits of regular check ups outweigh any inconvenience that you might be dealing with. It also really helps if instead of waiting to schedule you schedule your next cleaning appointment  as soon as you’re leaving the office.