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Reasons Why a Professional Facial Park City is Better than Home Care

facial park city

Professional facials are one of the most understated spa treatments. A lot of people dont really understand alot about facials and how a professional facial park city can completely change your skin. A good medical-grade facial will provide you long-term benefits to your skin as well as your overall health. Investing in this kind of treatmnt will now only help your skin now but it will also help in the future. So, you might be wondering, what exactly happens during a professional facial?

For a basic facial, you will have a consulatiiton, a deep cleanse, skin observation, exfoliation and some type of a mask, followed with a serum and a moisrurizer. Your esthetician might also throw in some kind of a massage. At home you can also do some of those steps, but there are a few things you can do at a spa that you cant do at home.

Spa Facial vs. At Home Facial

At home facials can be very convenient but professional spa facials include products and equipment that you dont have at home. Spa facials also have the expertise of a professional esthetician who is trained to give a facial which you cannot rectreate by yourself. Since estetichians are trained they are also provided with stronger skin care products then products you buy at a drug store. They also know how to properly use those products on your skin without causing any harm.

Benefits That Come From A Proffesional Facial

For those who have skin issues such as acne discoloration, and fine lines, they will notice positive results from a spa facial right away. Estetichians have tons of medical-grade products as well as equipment for use on clients that you can purchase on your own without license. If you have skin issues such as the ones i mentioned above along with other skin issues you can benefit from a professional exfoliation.  Exfoltion can make a hige difference in your skin and can improve how your skin looks within days. A professional facial is the first step in getting your skin to look and feel how you want it to. Last but not least, facials will not only treat current skin issues but it will also treat skin problems from happening in the future.

Why Get A Facial?


  1. Medical-grade exfoliation- the exfoliation that is done is created especially for your skin type and your skin issues and it will give you a smoother looking skin, soften lines as well as break up discoloration to promote even looking skin.


  1. Clean out pores and blackheads – your esthetician will use products that can remove clogged pores, blackheads and other impurities without causing any damage to your skin. Alot of people struggle with blackheads and removing them at home and thats because the products sold in the store are just not effective enough.


  1. Intensive Hydration- all skin types need to stay hydrated. It doesnt matter if you already have super oily or acne prone skin, your skins needs hydration to survive. To keep your skin healthy, it is very important that it stays hydrated. Receiving a professional facial park city will keep your skin cells always hydrated.