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Why Hire House Cleaning Nashville To Do The Move Out Cleaning For You

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Are you getting prepared to move out of your apartment or house that you’re renting? The one most important thing you will need to do before you officially finish your lease is to make sure that your apartment or property is clean. Most landlords will require the tenants to make sure the place is clean after they leave, and they will do a final walkthrough to check before they give you your deposit back. One thing is that you don’t have to clean everything yourself, instead, you can go ahead and hire house cleaning nashville and they will do the cleaning for you. Because who wants to spend hours cleaning right after they just spent hours loading and unloading boxes. Here are reasons why you should hire cleaning services before you officially end your lease.


  1. Better Cleaning Results

Unless you happen to be a maid yourself, there is a big chance that cleaning isn’t something you’re really good at. Yes, you might try to do the best you can, but you definitely won’t achieve better results that a professional would. House cleaning services will clean your rental property or apartment much better than you would yourself. After they clean, you will feel a lot more confident when your leasing agent is doing the final walkthrough inspection.


  1. Nothing Will Be Forgotten

If you try to clean the rental property yourself before you move out, there’s a slight chance that you could end up missing something. And during the final inspection, you’ll be upset at yourself for forgetting something small like cleaning the freezer. A house cleaning service has been doing this for many years and they won’t miss a single spot. They will clean your rental from top to bottom.


  1. You Will Avoid Any Damages

Moving can be very stressful and if you’re stressed while you’re cleaning you can potentially end up damaging something. And if there is any damage your landlord will most likely take money out of your deposit to pay for the repairs. You can avoid damages and mistakes by hiring professional cleaning services to do the move out cleaning for you.


  1. Saves You More Time

Even if you lived in a small studio apartment that is less than 400 square feet, it can still take you all day to clean it. Between scrubbing the bathtub and wiping down the baseboards, you will have to commit a long amount of hours to get the cleaning done. Cleaning services can save you a lot of time and you can use that extra time on setting up your new place.


  1. It Will Make Your Landlord Happy

Your landlord will automatically look more happy once they find out that you hired professional cleaning services to clean your rental property. Your landlord will also appreciate that you took the time to hire house cleaning Nashville and they will be less likely to be so strict on the inspection because they know that the cleaning was done right.


Household Disinfecting: What You Should Know as a Consumer

Disinfecting House from Coronavirus

Disinfectant is one of the trending terms of the year 2020. The current pandemic Covid-19 has elevated the bar of consumption of disinfectant to a great extent. This is the reason lots of local manufacturers like HVAC, detergent, and house cleaning companies have grabbed the opportunity to grow and jumped into the market with their own manufactured disinfectants. This growth in suppliers has flooded the market, which is a perplexing situation for a consumer. It is necessary to know how a disinfectant works and what product is suitable according to your requirements for a healthy and safe home.

How Effective Disinfection Works?

Proper disinfection of a household starts by thorough wiping of surfaces with a clean piece of cloth and warm water if necessary. At any point cleaning the whole house feels overwhelming, our professional maid service in Nashville is just a call away. Any sort of dust, debris, or layer of dirt can make the disinfectant ineffective for the actual germs and pathogens lying beneath. The dust may cover up the infectious bacteria and act as a protective layer for them against disinfectants. A disinfectant must come directly in contact with the surface to kill all the potential disease-causing infections.

Here comes a real challenge for the disinfectant manufacturing companies. Local disinfectants won’t be able to sieve through dirt and clean the surface off the germs. A mild disinfectant would just react with the dirt and won’t come in contact with the actual surface, which would make the disinfecting ineffective. Choosing a good disinfectant is quite a pickle here. Hence make sure to wipe off the area to be disinfected thoroughly and choose a strong disinfectant. You can contact us for a professional maid service in Nashville for a thorough wiping of your house.

Constricting the Spread of Infectious Disease by Taking Precautions:

A deep understanding of contagious infections is necessary to break their chain. Your next step should be to attain a lasting effect of disinfecting. According to The International Forum on Home Hygiene (IHF) the areas with a higher risk of transmission of germs are as follows:

  1. Hands High touch surfaces (doorknobs, cabinet locks, switches)
  2. Food contact surfaces (crockery, kitchen slab,)

Furniture and walls are least at risk.

When thinking to choose a household disinfection service, consider how long its effect would last. The whole house disinfecting would surely kill infectious pathogens all around the house. But to maintain a long-term effect is one hefty task. The moment anyone enters your house from outside and touches any surface, your house and the family members are exposed to the risk of contracting viruses.


To have a lasting effect of disinfectant service, you should take measures like: use of gloves to touch surfaces, abundant use of sanitizers and hand soaps, a good maid service Nashville professional to ensure cleaning of every surface, and use of mask if anyone with infectious symptoms visits. This way, you can restrict the spread of infections in your house by being safer.