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If your parents are getting to that age where day-to-day activities are getting hard for them to do, you might want to think about hiring cleaning services to have them clean their homes. Cleaning for the elderly can get very tough as they get older because they don’t have the strength or the energy to do anything on their own. Cleaning services Vancouver are relied on by many older people. Cleaning services have seen how cleaning can help the elderly keep their homes in a healthy condition, as well as reduce any risk of injuries. 

As we all grow older, some things in life become inevitable. With every year passing by, things become harder and harder to do and it also becomes harder to maintain muscle mass and physical coordination. There comes a point in everyone’s lives where we or someone we know will start to rely on others for help on certain things.

Cleaning is very physical and can be a struggle for the elderly. Usually, many injuries can happen if elderly people attempt to clean themselves. Cleaning that requires heavy lifting or stress to the joints will be very difficult for mostly all seniors. These include tasks like dusting very high shelves, cleaning the shower, or carrying out heavy trash. Many seniors will often skip these tasks which then leads to an unhealthy living environment.

The elderly who still continue to keep performing some of these tasks without any help can put themselves in a worse position. While house cleaning can be good exercise for some people, elderly adults can put themselves at risk for an injury. This could mean injuring their back or even breaking a bone if they fall, developing an injury can have very serious consequences for the elderly.

Advantages Of Hiring Cleaning Services For The Elderly

Hiring cleaning services for either your parents or grandparents can make a big difference in their lives. Cleaning services will make sure that your parents or grandparents won’t be stuck doing the cleaning around their house. Having their home cleaned will allow the elderly to live more comfortably, and it could potentially save them from an injury.

Cleaning services for the seniors will also ensure that the seniors will be living in a healthy environment. A clean environment is more hygienic and more healthy, it will also reduce any chances of bacteria and illness. 

The elderly who have respiratory issues will also benefit from cleaning service3s because of the non-toxic cleaning supplies that are used to clean the home. It will make it much easier for them to breathe because they won’t be inhaling all the toxins. Clean and frequently vacuumed carpets will also allow for the elderly to breathe better because carpets collect a lot of dust and dust makes it hard for the elderly to breathe.

Give your parents or your grandparents the gift of an easier life. Hire cleaning services Vancouver for them and you will see how much happier they will be. They can enjoy their lives in a clean home without having to worry about how they are go9ng to clean the toilet or take out the trash.


Cleaning Tips and Tricks From Cleaning Services Vancouver to Make Your Home Shine

cleaning services vancouver

Everyone can admit that their home could be cleaner. But cleaning isn’t always fun or easy. Cleaning a home can sometimes get very exhausting especially if you’re not 100% sure how to clean right. Well there are some tricks from cleaning services vancouver that they have shared, these tricks cannot only teach you how to clean but they will also make sure your home shines.

Tricks for a more clean home


  1. Clean the exhaust fan in your bathrooms

The grille on your bathroom exhaust fan gets clogged with a bunch of dust so it’s important that you clean it out regularly. The easiest way to clean your bathroom fan is to turn the fan on and use canned air to blast it out. This can be alot easier than using a vacuum or a rag.


  1. Beat and shake your rugs

You’ll need to vacuum any large area rugs in your home but you’ll also want to take them outside a couple times a year to get a more thorough cleaning doone. When you take them outside you’ll want to drape your rugs either over a fence or a clothesline and then beat them with either a broom or a baseball bat. Beating a rug outside can help remove more dust that a vacuum can.


  1. Remove your carpets

If you or anyone in your household suffers from severe allergies then removing your carpets might be the best option. In many homes carpets are by far the biggest dust reservoir. Carpets are a huge source of fibers and they will absorb dust like a sponge would absorb water. Even though ripping out your carpet might sound radical, its the best thing that you could do for anyone that suffers from allergies. 


  1. Change your sheets weekly

Your cozy sheets and bed are a major dust distributor. Your sheets collect a lot of skin flakes everytime you move or roll over on your bed. To help minimize the fallout you’ll need to wash your sheets and pillowcases once a week. For spreadsheets and blankets you can just take them outside and shake them out really well. To clean your pillows you can just either beat them to help get rid of the dust or you can dry clean them. 


  1. Dust your ceiling fans

Dusting your ceiling fans can sometimes get challenging unless you’re as tall as an NBA player. To make dusting a little bit easier you’ll want to step on a stool and then wrap a dryer sheet around a pain poller so you can reach and get the dust off. 


  1. Clean the grout out on your shower walls

If you have tile walls in your bathroom shower, cleaning services vancouver recommends that you try using a bleach pen to change your grout. Use the bleach pen to draw on the grout lines and the pen will allow you to only target the grout lines without getting bleach all over your shower walls. After you’re done drawing on the grout lines You’ll need to wait at least 10 minutes before you rinse the bleach off.