Health Benefits of Hormone Therapy Utah

Hormone Therapy Utah

Estrogen Therapy

Bioidentical Hormones Salt Lake City estrogen therapy can help reduce the risk of developing breast cancer but it also can reduce the symptoms of menopause such as dryness in the vagina, intercourse discomfort, hot flushes, and issues with anxiety and depression. Estrogen therapy can also improve bone density, the ability to burn fat and it also can improve the texture of the skin. Overall estrogen therapy has many great health benefits. 

Progesterone Therapy

Women who start progesterone therapy often notice a big improvement in their overall quality of life. Most of the time women who participate in progesterone therapy never want to stop the treatments. Progesterone therapy is also known to help protect the uterine lining and also reduce the chances of developing breast cancer as well as uterine cancer. Other great benefits of progesterone therapy is that it can prevent anxiety as well as diabetes. In addition, progesterone hormone also stimulates bone formation and also has been shown to help with osteoporosis. Progesterone can also improve skin texture, sleep quality as well as hair growth. 

Testosterone For Women Therapy

Women only need a very small dose of testosterone therapy to help restore their natural levels back up. Women’s testosterone replacement therapy can help reduce depression, improve lean muscle and also increase bone density. Testosterone therapy is also known to help with exercise recovery and also helps to maintain the health of the vaginal tissues. 

DHEA Therapy 

DHEA therapy helps to boost the production of the body’s white blood cells which can help fight a lot of different diseases. DHEA therapy can help the immune system and can help prevent common infections as well as reduce the risk of developing cancer. In addition, the DHEA therapy has been shown to help reduce heart disease, depression, diabetes, and the signs of aging. DHEA therapy is also known to help increase lean muscle mass.

Melatonin Therapy 

Melatonin is well known for its ability to help regulate sleep. However, this is the only function that it can help with. The melatonin hormone plays a huge role in all of the body’s biorhythms and it is also a strong antioxidant which can help reduce the risk of developing cancer. Also, researchers show that melatonin can help increase longevity. 

Thyroid Therapy 

The thyroid disease is very common, especially in those people who are the age of 45 and older. However, thyroid conditions are treatable with BHRT. Replacing the essential hormones can help stimulate weight loss, improve mood, decrease fatigue, improve skin texture as well as improve the metabolic rate. Low thyroid levels are the major reason for hair loss and thinning in women. Most women will see the improvement of hair growth with thyroid therapy. 

9 signs that you might need hormone replacement therapy:

Hormone Therapy Utah replacement isn’t needed for everyone, but some of us might find the treatment providing us relief from symptoms of menopause.


  • Sweating during the night
  • Hot flashes
  • Dry vagina
  • Pain or itching during sexual intercourse
  • Bone loss
  • Very low sex drive
  • Mood swings or changes
  • Irritability
  • Sleeping issues