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Our screenwriting website is all about screenwriting education, screenplay articles, writing resources, screenwriter forums and script advice. You’ll also find screenwriting software, script writing books and other information no matter what genre you write in: comedy, drama, action, horror, thriller or sci-fi. If you’re looking to improve your scenes, characters, dialogue or try out ideas, we hope we can help. Whether your interest is in filmmaking or writing spec scripts for feature film or a teleplay for television, try us for ideas and suggestions. Our advice is free.

Screenwriting is your passion. You’re a screenwriter, producer or indie filmmaker — or want to be — and you’ve got an idea. It’s screaming make me! OSCAR is written all over it. You know it’s good.

Everyone thinks: screenwriting is easy! How many times have you heard THAT? What could be simpler? There are only TWO things you have to work with … dialogue and action. It sounds simple enough — deceptively simple — and that’s what makes it a daunting task. Screenwriters see and think differently. Maybe we can help a little. Here you’ll find new resources … links, software, ideas, opinions and other screenwriters to share your thoughts with. Use them often.

Maybe you’re a producer, indie filmmaker or student filmmaker with an idea and you need a screenwriter to realize that idea. Maybe you’re starting out and you’re searching for new and fresh ideas. New writers often have a very different view of things. I hope you can connect here and get your project made.

I invite you to participate in the discussion forums. If I can do anything to help, call on me.

Don Bledsoe
Head Nurse